The Oregon Health Authority’s obligations

Reviewing rates

Passed in 2017, House Bill 2015 requires that the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) work with the Traditional Health Workers Commission to “review, and revise if necessary, any rates of reimbursement for doulas” during even-numbered years. The OHA’s first review occurred in 2020, but the report is delayed due to COVID-19, OHA Chief Medical Officer Dana Hargunani said. In 2021, CCOs must submit their rates for THW birth doula services to the OHA.

“We intend to review those rates using the methodology listed in statute,” Hargunani said via email.

The law states: “When reviewing and revising rates of reimbursement, the authority shall consider factors including retention of doulas, access to culturally specific doulas and evidence-based factors and empirical studies related to the cost-effectiveness of services provided by doulas.”

Provide a report on the status of doulas in Oregon

HB 2015 also requires the OHA to “provide a report on the status of doulas” annually, from 2018 until Jan. 1, 2024. The report is meant to highlight barriers doulas face when trying to serve the Medicaid population.

The OHA published a workforce assessment compiled by the Oregon Doula Association in September 2018. Subsequent reports have been delayed due to COVID-19, Hargunani said.

Last updated: Dec. 29, 2020