Research about doulas

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Research articles about doulas that appeared in peer-reviewed journals

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Reports or blog posts that examine Medicaid reimbursement for doulas

Report of the Virginia Medicaid Benefit for Community Doula Services Work Group (Dec. 1, 2020)

Access in Brief: Pregnant Women and Medicaid (2018), by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission

Advancing Birth Justice: Community-Based Doula Models as a Standard of Care for Ending Racial Disparities (2019), by Asteir Bey, Aimee Brill, Chanel Porchia-Albert, Melissa Gradilla and Nan Strauss

HealthConnect One Issue Brief: Creating Policy for Equitable Doula Access, by HealthConnect One

Issue Brief: A Guide to Proposed and Enacted Legislation for Medicaid Coverage for Doula Care (2019), by Alexis Robles-Fradet

Routes to Success for Medicaid Coverage of Doula Care (2018), by Amy Chen

The Doula Option: An Opportunity to Improve Birth Outcomes in Washington State (2019), by Cate Sturtevant and Molly Firth

Expanding Access to Doula Care: State of the Union (2020), by Christina Gebel and Sarah Hodin

Assessment of Medicaid reimbursement for doulas in Minnesota

Medicaid Coverage of Doula Services in Minnesota: Preliminary Findings From the First Year (July 2015), by Katy Backes Kozhimannil, Carrie Vogelsang and Rachel Hardeman

Assessment of Medicaid reimbursement for doulas in Oregon

Advancing Health Equity for Childbearing Families in Oregon: Results of a Statewide Doula Workforce Needs Assessment (Sept. 30, 2018), by Courtney Everson, Courtney Crane and Raeban Nolan

Bringing Medicaid reimbursement for doulas to New Jersey

Bringing Community-Based Doula Care To New Jersey (August 2020), by Aron Lesser, Renée Nogales and Atiya Weiss

Useful surveys

Building A Successful Program for Medi-Cal Coverage For Doula Care: Findings From A Survey of Doulas in California (May 2020), by Amy Chen, Alexis Robles-Fradet and Helen Arega

Doulas as Childbirth Paraprofessionals: Results from a National Survey (2005), by Paula M. Lantz, Lisa Kane Low, Sanjani Varkey and Robyn L. Watson

Listening to Mothers in California: A Population-Based Survey of Women’s Childbearing Experiences (September 2018), by Carol Sakala, Eugene R. Declercq, Jessica M. Turon and Maureen P. Corry

Listening to Mothers III, Pregnancy and Birth: Report of the Third National U.S. Survey of Women’s Childbearing Experiences (May 2013), by Eugene R. Declercq, Carol Sakala, Maureen P. Corry, Sandra Applebaum and Ariel Herrlich

Washington state Medicaid reimbursement: Survey of birth doulas (2019), by Ashley Nguyen

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