How can I get involved or support doulas?

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of organizations in Oregon that offer birth support or are advocating for doula policy.

Black Parent Initiative’s Sacred Roots Doula Program

Launched in 2017 with support from FamilyCare, the Black Parent Initiative’s Sacred Roots Doula Program provides culturally specific support to people who are Black and/or multiethnic. Although FamilyCare shuttered in 2018, Sacred Roots is still going.

Community Doula Program

In 2018, the nonprofit Heart of the Valley Birth and Beyond launched the Community Doula Program (CDP) with support from the area’s coordinated care organization, InterCommunity Health Network (IHN-CCO). CDP helps train birth doulas who are from the communities they serve in Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties. CDP matches pregnant individuals with doulas. The organization is developing doula training modules for community colleges. This will allow some residents to access free doula training through the Oregon Promise program.

Doula hubs

Doula hubs are forming across the state to accommodate those who wish to work with Medicaid clients and be reimbursed. Typically, one or two designated people handle administrative tasks, such as billing and contracting with a coordinated care organization. You can find a list of doula hubs by clicking here.

Doulas Latinas International

Sandra Hernades started Doulas Latinas International in 2014 to serve Latinx communities in Gresham, Hood River and Woodburn. Fifteen doulas work with this program.

Read more about their work »

Oregon Doula Association

Learn more about the Oregon Doula Association (ODA) and the organization’s role in advocacy and policy. The ODA works with the Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Equity and Inclusion (OHA/OEI) and the Division of Medicaid Assistance Programs (DMAP). The organization is led by a board of volunteers who are birth workers.

Traditional Health Worker Commission

There are five types of THWs, including birth doulas. Until August 2020, the Traditional Health Worker Commission met monthly. The meetings are public. Email to learn when the next meeting will be held or ask how you can apply to be on the THW commission.

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